Admission Procedure

Entry Point And Entry Procedure


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 The School has classes from IV to XII

SJIRS being a residential cum day school, entry is accepted at all classes also depending on the number of seats available. Hence entry to V, VII, VIII, X and XII are also entertained.

Entry To Classes Prep to Sr. KG and I To IX & XI

Classes X and XII only from any CBSE School only will be enrolled*

Students from any education system / pattern of education / any country / system of syllabi / any school board are eligible to apply…. but they should be essentially & compulsorily from English Medium Schools and should have studied all subjects in English only except the language study. They should have completed the previous class in a good recognized school and should have been successfully promoted to the next class.

Entry to X & XII Class is acceptable ONLY if the students is from CBSE Pattern and produces the IX / XI Class Course completion Certificate, promoted Transfer Certificate from recognized CBSE School (India or Overseas) with School affiliation Marks Statement / Pass Certificate in original and Class IX / XI Registration Card. It is advised here that it is also good and academically profitable to students if the students are admitted at the earliest possible classes / years than waiting and postponing the decision. Admissions for Class IX, X, XI & XII after 31st August will be entertained only with CBSE Registration Number and relevant documents.

Age Registration & Limitation

Students should have completed 8 years at the time of joining to IV Class. Beyond 10 years they are considered as overage and generally not accepted. Likewise students should have completed 10 years at VI Class entry, 14 years at X Class entry and 16 years at XI Class entry. Maximum exemption of 2 more years of age is normally acceptable if the student is not over-grown and 3-6 months exemption below the age limit can be considered on normal circumstances.

Issue of Application & Prospectus

Interested Parents can write to the office of Senior Principal to know about the School and to clarify any specific needs or doubts through letter / email.

They can download the Pre-Application Slip from the website and forwarding the same along with the Application & Prospectus fee will entail us to send the full set.

Application Fee

Parents / Guardians can obtain the Application Form for Registration prospectus against payment of Rs. 500/- by cash at the school office. They can also be obtained by post sending Rs. 1000 /- by DD drawn in favour of “Saint John’s Educational Trust, Payable at Chennai”.

Registration of Application

The duly completed Application Form signed by Father / Mother should be Registered at the School Office either in person or by registered post along with the following documents and Registration Fee of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only)

  1. Recently taken passport size photograph should be affixed on the application form in the space provided. Four more of the same passport size photograph should also be submitted.
  2. Photostat copy of the Original Corporation / Municipality / Hospital Birth Certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer or the Bonafide Certificate from the School where the ward is presently studying should be submitted.
  3. In the case Mother / Guardian other than Father is signing the Application Form, a legal guardianship affidavit should be submitted.
  4. Photostat copy of the Marksheet of the First Terminal / Second Terminal Examination of the present class studying should be submitted.
  5. Foreigners, Non-Resident Indians and Indians holding Passport should submit a Photostat copy of the passport for verification.
  6. Class IX CBSE Registration Card (For Class X Admission)
  7. Class X Marks Statement (For Classes XI & XII Admission)

Selection Procedure

The Academic Council of the School will pursue the registered applications and record the date and details furnished in the application form and code the specifications as per the details furnished. The following selection procedures are maintained to finalize the new admission.

  • Availability of Seats / Vacancies
  • Priority in the order of registration
  • Academic performance in the previous school as per the records produced.
  • Age Restriction
  • Performance of the candidate in the WRITTEN ENTRANCE TEST
  • Performance of the candidate in the Personal Interview
  • Genuine interest and attitude of the Parent / Legal Guardians expressed at the time of interview.
  • Marks scored in the X Class Public Examination will also be considered for XI & XII class admission.

Entrance Document Check, Personal Interview & Assessment Procedure

Only those candidates who have registered their application will be eligible to sit for the Written Entrance document check followed by the Personal Interview.

Written capacity proof and Interview of students & parents are conducted on the day when the candidate is called for Entrance check.

Since the applicants are from all the States of India and from neighbouring countries, the school follows the following schedule with flexibility.

Written Entrance Test and Personal Interview are conducted during the months of March, April and May on Saturdays for the purpose of sureness and convenience at School Campus.

Admission Intimation

img-st23On the basis of the performance of the candidates in the Written Entrance Test and consisting all other General and Specific Selection Criteria,the MERIT LIST of candidates provisionally selected for admission will be prepared. The provisionally selected candidates will be informed by Registered Post / e-mail. PROVISIONAL ADMISSION LETTER will be dispatched within 7 days from the date of the Entrance Test along with Parent declaration for non submission of promoted transfer certificate from previous school and other records.

The Candidates who have not performed satisfactorily in the Written Test, whose application does not satisfy the required norms for selection, and if the Academic Council of the school is not satisfied with academic background of the applicant, or underage or overage to the class or any other reason that is found valid for rejection and whose names are not enlisted in the Merit List will be informed of their Non-Selection through Regret Letter which will be dispatched by Registered Post. Registration Fee is not refundable.

The decision of the academic council in this matter will be final.

Confirmation of Admission

Applicant selected for admission should confirm the acceptance of the seat offered within the stipulated date mentioned in the PROVISIONAL ADMISSION LETTER BY REMITTING THE FEE & SUBMITTING THE FOLLOWING :

  1. The duly completed PARENTS DECLARATION FORM mentioning that the TRANSFER CERTIFICATE (School Leaving Certificate) from the previous School / School previously studying showing the class studies, the eligibility of promotion to the next higher class will be submitted on or before reopening of the New session or Reporting of the Ward (Whichever is earlier).
  2. The prescribed ONE TIME Annual Fee ( Residential Students) INITIAL FEE ( Day Scholars) to be remitted either by cash or Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Saint John’s Educational Trust” Payable at Chennai.

Before remitting the annual fee, parents are asked to go through the prospectus in detail to know about the facilities offered, the infrastructure available, comfort level of the school for residential life and to be fully aware of the school administration.