Two way student exchange programs

Education is not complete if it does not concern itself with others in our society and the world around us. This is true especially in today’s globalized context where the young are constantly bombarded with an overload of information about events and personalities from other parts of the world. The young are also naturally curious about others; about their lifestyles and problems. In order to provide a first-hand opportunity to experience the other side of the coin, we have devised a ‘Student Exchange Program’.

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Two school students make preliminary asteroid discovery!

Two Chennai students might just be making history! Giridhar Sundaram and Jerix James of St John’s International Residential School, Chennai, have made two preliminary asteroid discoveries. The excited 12th standard students tell dna that it’s due to teamwork that they managed this feat.

After a workshop in their school conducted by SPACE, they were selected for the All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2015. The two students spent four hours after school poring over n-number of images and ended up making the preliminary discovery.

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