Co-scholastic & Sports

Beyond Classrooms

In order to ensure the development of the total personality of the student, the school provides ample opportunities to develop the physical and mental ability of the students and engage them in a wide variety of extra curricular activities around the world of sports.


The entire Major and Minor games are taught to the children and the students are made familiar with all the popular and standard games. In the regular Physical Training classes the students are given opportunities to have a feel of the important games in rotation.

Students are given the freedom to choose 3 games / sports of their choices in one academic year which are registered in the Games Option Slip. Game 1 opted is taught in the First Semester, Game II is drilled in the early part of the Second Semester and Game III during last 3 mnths (Jan – March).

Students are trained exhaustively in all the three games with the help of qualified coaches and staff of the physical education department.

Physical Education is a compulsory activity of the School and much emphasis is laid down on achieving the national objectivity in Sports and Games.

The School campus provides the following facilities in the true spirit of sports and games.

  1. Full fledged 400 metres Athletic Track with 8 lanes with facilities and pits for all the jumps-high jump, Long jump & Triple Jump, Throw – Discuss, Shot put & Javeline as per the latest rules of the Sports Authority of India (SAI).
  2. One Football ground
  3. One Hockey ground
  4. Two Basketball courts
  5. Three Lawn Tennis courts
  6. One Cricket Field
  7. Two Cricket Nets for Practice
  8. Two volleyball courts
  9. Two Shuttle Badminton courts
  10. One Kho-Kho court
  11. One Hand Ball Court


SJIRS is one of the prominent CBSE schools at the National level. The Students of this campus compete at City, State (Tamil Nadu) Zonal and National Level in all the sports & games conducted by CBSE. The School gives due importance to sports and provides all the facilities and infrastructure at International standard.

The School has a full fledged Closed Indoor Stadium with a measured size of 140′ x 65′ with ceiling height of 32′ from finished floor level. This indoor Stadium provides the required infrastructure, layout and equipments for the following games:

  1. Two Indoor Shuttle courts
  2. One Basket Ball Half Court for Practice
  3. One fully equipped Gymnasium with 19 station Gym and 13 individual gym equipment.
  4. One hall for Billiards – 2 tables
  5. One hall for Table Tennis – 6 Tables (4 Seniors, 2 Juniors)
  6. One hall for Chess and Carrom


The school has well planned, structures and scheduled sports Activities round the year.

  1. Open Trials and Selection to pick up the talented lot in sports from the new comers.
  2. Selection of School teams for the new academic year. Grouping of students to 4 different houses.
  3. Founders Day Cricket Tournament
  4. Intramural Games for Seniors (IX -XII) in all the Games & Sports
  5. SJIRS State level Chess Tournament
  6. CBSE Cluster Level Tournament
  7. Pepsi Cricket Trophy
  8. YMCA Kiddies Athletic meet
  9. TNCA Cricket Tournament in U12, U14, U16 & U18
  10. CBSE Zonal Level Tournament
  11. Intramural games for Juniors (IV-VIII) in all sports
  12. CBSE national in Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis Shuttle and Volleyball
  13. Flood Light Cricket and Football
  14. SJIRS Annual Athletic meet.
  15. Selection, Training & Professional coaching in all the sports and games including Athletics
  16. Well Planned and Well Organised Evening Games
  17. Body building in Gym
  18. Billiards, Table – Tennis and Chess Training
The School has 10 members of highly qualified, skilful full time, residential Physical Education teachers and 5 part – time coaches to support the on-going sports activities at school.

In addition to the Hi-tech professional training, the school has the services of the following sports clubs:

  1. SJIRS – Cricket Academy to boost and enhance Cricket Activity to a much greater height. This Academy will conduct its courses with more professionalism and technical skill to handle cricket in the much wanted scientific manner.
  2. SJIRS – TENNIS ACADEMY to give exposure to the Tennis playing students of our school.
  3. SJIRS – Volleyball Club for professional growth of Volleyball Team aspirants.