From the Desk of the Principal

A Word from the Campus Principal…

Dear Parents,

I take pleasure in welcoming you and your ward to SJIRS


Here your dream will soar high.principal poto

We learn, we do, we grow at “St. John’s International group of Residential and Day schools, Chennai, is the school which understands career building concept.”

I remember every yesteryear… Students Say…
Here is a special Thank You … for Making me What I am Today!… You made a wonderful difference in my life!

Begin open to my profession as a teacher, which I love and cherish even today, for the greatest happiness I receive when I see my student smile with confident and say through his deeds that I am independent in learning…

I take pleasure in welcoming you all for the academic year 2017 -18. Let me begin saying, many years ago, it took many years for the public to call me as a best teacher.

I belive these were the criteria to obtain the Noble title.

1. Dedication
2. Commitment
3. Sincerity
4. Selflessness
5. Enjoyed to be a Teacher

Being a Head Teachers I want mypresenceto inspire every teacher to become a resourceful person…

  • A Dedicated hostelTeacher, first, looks at a student as an individual with hopes, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • A Dedicated master Teacher fills the heart, soul and mind with sprit and confidence. Helps them to understand their objectives and aim in life. Makes them to realize that they are in a challenging world and the demands in front of them are huge.
  • A Dedicated residential Teacher holds all the students together without any bias feeling. No caste or creed, colour or language, rich or poor, new or old comes on his way.
  • A Dedicated subject Teacher will create a classroom atmosphere were student sees other student in knowledge of light, they learn to respect each other is the bonding principle. Every student feels happy to share his or her thoughts and feeling. They are ready take a chance in making a mistake, as they see as an opportunity to learn rather than an opportunity to feel like a failure.
  • A Dedicated special Teacher can understand the students on many levels. The teacher learns
    1. How good the academic strengths of a student.
    2. Their interests, fears, hopes and worries.
  • A Dedicated study hour Teacher remembers that each student is somebody’s precious child. He knows that every parent has high hopes, effective concerns and great hopes for that child. The teacher should work to help the parents understand the goals and confidence. Parents are an integral and vital part of the child’s education – Teacher should respect the parents’ expectation.
  • A Dedicated result giving Teacher sees the world through students’ eyes as well, Should be fair, empathetic and encouraging. The teacher attempts to maintain high expectations fromeach child – to make them give their best and aim for the stars.
  • A Dedicated motivating Teacher makes learning exciting, interesting, encouraging, satisfying, stimulating and showing the ways for success.
  • In our Residential Complex, we will work for A Dedicated Teacher to get attached to the students and work for Farewell concept, this will make yourchild difficult to say good-bye at the end of the school year, One day those students will come back to share the joy they received because of the learning. We would work for them to carry memories of that teacher in their future and with their successes.
  • At St. John’s, teachers’ will work to influence students’ lives, creating positive attitudes and will influence them to become a confident citizen and a powerful believer in self-confidence.
    I believe…..

Every moment in life surpasses the other, which is creating wonders in history. Sometimes these wonders created are because of us.

Today’s world is being transformed, its education system scooped from irrigated method to scientific method. The fear of obtaining a decent percentage of marks is no more a worry. Students are confident and exposed to face the challenging future through a well-defined education system. I am sure a day will come, when there will be no exams, but there will be Competency building scenario. We at St. John’s wanted to create an atmosphere to take care 360° in education.

Students will get supported by self-learning directive system. Culture will embedded into social learning environment and what not; they will be fully equipped to arrest the challenges.

Parents worry has been changing into expectation and your worry is taken care at St. John’s. Children will get choice in learning. They will be in the process of inventing and exploring the chances to produce better.

We will help your children to aspire to discoverJohnnies at St. John’s.Your children will wear his / her armor of knowledge. When we are Educating the mind of the youth, we will not forget to garnish their Heart and uplift their spirit and physical fitness.

Students will be motivated to understand and bring changes in themselves. They will be guiding to be a self-cultivator to Live in their own field of knowledge.

Students at St. John’s will see tomorrow astheirs, they will leave no chance to try to Excel in all the areas they may come across. “Remember he / she can’t win in all, but you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. At St. John’s, we have designed to give this space and environment.

We believe students are ultimately responsible for their learning; yet, learning is the result of a complex interaction among many factors associated with the student – the teacher, peers and others, the content, and the situation or context. The process of learning (and teaching) is socially constructing, since “teachers” and “learners” develop, communicate, and negotiate objectives, knowledge and skills cooperatively together.

Powerful learning is affecting the students, by the place outside, as well as inside, the classroom. We strongly believe in the importance of out-of-class learning experiences and a seamless learning environment involving the integration of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular components to enhance student learning and development. We do many things to enhance students’ engagement, intrinsic motivation, internal attributions, and self-efficacy for our courses and disciplines. St. John’s International Residential Group of Schools, Chennai, will strives to bring joy into learning by helping children understand what they learn and connect it to the world around them through real life experiences. The core purpose behind this career-centric school is thus to “enable children realize their potential and make their dream come true”.

St. John’s International Residential Group of Schools, Chennai, promises to deliver quality education with an emphasis on a deep-rooted value system. Here, our education is aiming at nurturing the child’s intellect and supporting his emotional, moral and spiritual well-being. We appreciate the unique, individual talents of children and follow an instructional strategy that suits every child’s different learning style. This multi-faceted learning-teaching approach allows children to understand and inculcate values completely and apply them to real-life situations. The school’s active and dynamic learning environment provides children with a wholesome education experience. To ensure this happens we have developed an intelligent learning delivery model, which is multi-dimensional in learning for children and helps them shape their creative thinking.

I request parents to come prepared to attend a welcome back party and a personalone to one interactive session along with your child on 11.06.2017 at 5.30pm. Don’t Miss it!.

A detailed list of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic events and calendar will be sharing with you at the time of Parents orientation.

I look forward to collaborating with you in the development of your children/ Our Students, so that they reach great heights!

I believe in themotto of the school “Prayers Brings Victory” and “Wisdom is Better than Rubies”

With Love in Learning,

Prof.M.Winfred Chelliah
Campus Principal