Message from Dr. Samuel R Sampath, Campus Principal

St. John’s Academy emerged as the 7th institution of St.John’s Group and sister institution of SJIRS dedicated by our Founder couple Smt. Sakuntala Rajakumar and Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar. St. John’s Academy is a unique school with a difference which aims to impart education for life. Apart from Academic excellence, the school plays an important role in instilling social values and to develop overall personality of a child to inculcate values and habits which will help them to grow into a good human being.

The direction in which education starts a Man, will determine his future life.
– Plato

Education is not merely scoring Marks or Academic excellence. Education is a life-long process that does not end with School or College years. Education should prepare an individual to lead life in a better way. School of today should provide various experience and exposures through a variety of activities that enable them to enhance their knowledge, develop their competency, accept the challenges posed by life, master the life skills and emerge as winner. Above all, we should inculcate our children a sense of social responsibility and moral values which alone make them worthy human beings.

Being a residential school, we have lot of co-scholastic and extra-curricular activities which is being conducted as regular feature. Every activity charted out is well planned with immense care keeping in mind, individual needs and institutional growth. The Residential advantage offers tremendous scope and opportunities for academic excellence, personality development, value inculcation, acquisition of language skills and social traits and comprehensive and individualized mentoring that the finished products of the school at the terminal point of Schooling will be fully empowered to face the academic challenges of higher education and complexities of life in society.

Today, life has become highly complicated and competitive. Children’s, as poor victims of the situation, find life extremely challenging. In this life, children’s need special guidance and counseling of their parents and teachers. The role of schools today is multi-faceted. So, we have tremendous responsibility to prepare the children to face the challenges with a greater confidence. Schooling today is not an isolated activity but part of social development. Providing the right education in schools is the hidden challenge for every responsible educational institution which has to play a sensible role not merely to satisfy parents but to sharpen the young minds of today in our schools (classrooms) to make them not merely employable but to be empowered to lead India in the emerging world market. Schools decide the destiny of the country by giving the finished product to the country. A nation is judged not by its size, its geographical factors or its natural wealth but a nation is judged by the quality of the people it has produced. In the same manner, the quality of the school is not judged by the number of buildings, the area of its playground, infrastructure and other facilities. A school is judged by the quality of students it produces.

We submit all our achievements, happenings and ourselves in the hands of our Lord and humble ourselves beseeching for his mercies to shower continued blessings on us. Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, our Correspondent, who is an icon in the field of school education guides, supports and leads us in moulding the younger generation, who are entrusted in our hands. Mr. Samson Derick Rajakumar, Director, plays a vital role for the growth and development of the school campus. The wealth and strength of the school is the students who give life and light to the campus. My greatest desire is that every student who has walked with the campus should be a good human being with all the human qualities achieving great things for the glory of god almighty. I pray to God almighty to bless this school with long years and unstinted service in the field of education and to remain a lighthouse of knowledge for young children in India and abroad.

I recollect the lines of Robert Frost:

“Miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep”
So with my eyes on the distant peaks,
I trudge on holding on to my Master’s Hand……

As I have long way to achieve success and laurels for this Institution.
Dr. Samuel R Sampath
St.John’s Academy