Our Founders

Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar D.D., Smt. Sakuntala Rajakumar

Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar D.D.,
Smt. Sakuntala Rajakumar

  • The name “ST.JOHN’S” among schools came into existence barely 45 years ago in the cosmopolitan city of greater Chennai, then Madras, in the locality of Mandaveli –   Mylapore, the traditionally, culturally and scholastically rich area of south Chennai.
  • St.John’s had a humble beginning when it was established as a Primary school in the year 1968 by The Most Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar with the inspiration of his wife Mrs. Sakunthala Rajakumar who was then serving as a teacher in a local Government aided school.
  • Mrs. Sakunthala Rajakumar and The most Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar, the founder couple who had planted a small sapling in the year 1968 in the form of St.John’s Primary School, in a small house at Mandaveli, in the most innocuous fashion, with a strong faith in God, had a farsighted vision and a dream, that this sapling will grow into a Banyan Tree, that this school will be christened as “St.John’s University” one day or the other, in the years to come.