St.John’s Academy

St John’s Academy is the seventh institution under the St.John’s Banner, this institution, one more Learning centre, emerged in the year 2002 as a sister institution of St. John’s International Residential School, a prestigious member of the group. St.John’s Academy is the right school for many of the Parents from the state of Tamil Nadu, especially from the Business & Trade Circle, who want their Children to img-st23migrate to Chennai, a metropolitan City in south India, to take up study in the Tamil Nadu State Matriculation Higher Secondary Pattern and in a Residential School.

St.John’s Academy will be the GATEWAY for students who prefer their professional studies in Tamilnadu. SJA will also suit Non-Resident Indian parents originating from the state of Tamilnadu who want their children to pursue their Higher education in Tamilnadu. St.John’s Academy is a top Class School with all modern state of the art facilities for the Tamil Nadu based students who would like to study under State pattern but with a different style and new education strategy.

St.John’s Academy is a state school with state objectives.

St.John’s Academy is a High profile & competitive residential school under the banner St.John’s in the state of Tamil Nadu. St.John’s family is proud to offer three Residential Schools at one educational complex in the city of Chennai. SJIRS – the lead school catering to the National Scenario, St.John’s Academy catering to the state scenario while the St.John’s Cambridge school catering to the international Scenario.

St.John’s Academy has earned a name from the very year of commencement and setting new waves in the halls of education, as we aim for:

  • Right type of school climate for human Excellence
  • Aesthetic ambience for the modern child
  • Competent educational administrators
  • Voyage of discovery beyond Text books
  • Research based and scientific approach of learning
  • Towards overall personality of the child
  • Not just a school, but a perfect school

The Pattern of Education

St.John’s Academy is following a definite advanced pattern of education that would make students think and become active learners – not mere passive learners, who store information in their memory and reproduce it at the time of examinations. Our pattern of education will help individuals to move towards the set goal, to promote values and morals which are essential for a healthy growth. Our system of education should be capable of nurturing boys and girls who have the capacity to appreciate the subjects as students which would help them contribute to the development of other areas of human knowledge. Ours will be formal center of learning for preparing them for the larger life outside the academic premises later. In the true spirit to comply to our above said unlimited ambitious venture we take with us the tool, the curriculum as recommended by the Tamil Nadu State Education Department prepared as per the New Education Policy. The highlights of the new syllabus is that it aims to reduce the burden of academics and enhance the quality of education.

The Academic Session

The Academic session is from June to April. The Academic year comprises of three terms and each term ending with the Terminal Examination.

Details of Curriculum

VI to VIII (Middle School)

  • Part-I – Tamil ( Compulsory)
  • Part-II – English
  • Part-III – Mathematics, Science, History & Geography,
  • Art & Crafts, Moral Science, Computer Science & Physical Education, Environmental Science & Life oriented Education
  • Part- IV- French, Hindi ( Optional Only)

IX & X (High School)

  • Part-I – Tamil Two Papers( Compulsory)
  • Part-II – English Two Papers
  • Part-III – Mathematics, Science ( Theory & Practical), History, Civics & Geography, Art & Crafts, Moral Science, Computer Science & Physical Education, Environmental Science & Life oriented Education
  • Part- IV- French, Hindi ( Optional Only)

XI & XII ( Higher Secondary School)
The School offers Science Stream & Commerce Stream

  • Part I – Language (Any one of the following )
  • Tamil / Hindi / French
  • Part II – English
  • Part III- Any one of the following Groups:

    Group A Bio-Maths
    Physics, Chemistry,
    Biology & Mathematics
    Group B Computer Science
    Physics, Chemistry
    Computer Science & Mathematics
    Group C Pure Science
    Physics, Chemistry
    Botany & Zoology
    Group D Commerce
    Accountancy, Commerce, Economics & Business Mathematics / Computer Science