Two way student exchange programs

Education is not complete if it does not concern itself with others in our society and the world around us. This is true especially in today’s globalized context where the young are constantly bombarded with an overload of information about events and personalities from other parts of the world. The young are also naturally curious about others; about their lifestyles and problems. In order to provide a first-hand opportunity to experience the other side of the coin, we have devised a ‘Student Exchange Program’.

This two way student exchange programs help the students of our school to become familiar with the academic, cultural and lifestyles of other people and countries, thus gaining exposure and insight into the world around them. This remarkable opportunity helps to experience and understand the world around them better.

Our institution has entered into arrangements with other like minded institutions world wide for conducting an effective student exchange program. We are looking at ways and means of expanding the scope and making it more and more effective.

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