The Academic Session

The Academic Session is from JUNE to APRIL.

The Academic year (Session) comprises of two semesters and each semester ending with a Semester Examination.

Activities in First Semester are

  1. Unit Test / First Formative Assessment
  2. Mid Semester Examination
  3. First summative Assessment
  4. Inter-House Intramural Games for Seniors
  5. Inter-house Club Activities
  6. Inauguration of students council
  7. Educational tours
  8. Inter-house Cultural shows
  9. Investiture Ceremony
  10. Independence Day & Teachers Day
  11. Educational Project
  12. Sports Meet
  13. Faculty Training & Orientation Programmes
  14. Group Discussion / Guest Lectures

Activities in Second Semester are

  1. Unit Test / Third Formative Assessment
  2. Mid-Semester Examination / Fourth Formative Assessment
  3. Revision Examination (X / XII)
  4. Annual Examination for Class XI
  5. Pre-Board Examination
  6. Inter-House Intramural games for Juniors
  7. Inter-House Club Activities
  8. Children?s Day
  9. Career Guidance Seminars
  10. X?mas tree celebration
  11. Educational tours / study trips
  12. Seminars & Briefing Sessions
  13. Faculty Training & Orientation
  14. Guest Lectures
  15. Annual Day
  16. Second Semester Examinations / Second Summative Assessment
  17. Preparatory Examination.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
CBSE introduced the CCE scheme which is the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for doing a holistic assessment of a learner which includes scholastic and co-scholastic aspects. Co-scholastic areas include life skills, attitudes and values, health and physical education as well as co-curricular activities. Therefore CCE brings a paradigm shift from examination to effective pedagogy.

Examination, Evaluation

The Scheme of Examination and Pass criteria for the school level Examination for classes IV to VII shall be laid down from time to time. They are expected to get a pass mark / eligible grade in all subjects. Assessment of papers-main subject will be in numerical scores while the assessment of additional subjects will be in grades.

The Scheme of Examination from IX to XII will be as per the pattern of CBSE and their pass criteria is as laid down by the Board. IX and XI class Examination is at school level and promotion criteria is as per the Board Norms. X and XII students are prepared for the EXTERNAL BOARD EXAMINATION.